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Hail Damage in Colorado

Fixing a hail damage window seal may be more trouble than it is worth. While it is possible to fix an Andersen window, the most common reason people call us is that we are a Certified Andersen Window Repair and Replacement Company.

andersen hail damage denver

Standard Services for Andersen Windows

Do you have Andersen seal failures? A window seal is when two panes glass is pressed together and sealed together; the purpose is to help lower heating and cooling costs of the home. You can easily tell if a window seal has failed if you see smudges, fog, cloudy spots, or condensation on a window. Even when cleaned the window still shows these marks and that means the marking is actually any of the above appearings in between the panes of glass because the window seal failed at some point.
There are two main ways to go about fixing a failed window seal and both involve replacement glass or replacement windows. Depending on the size of the panes and the number of panes that have failed window seals, you might consider having someone known as a glazier come in and replace the individual panes with new thermal panes (what double or triple paned glass is called). This reduces the amount of time and money spent on fixing the failed window seal. You don’t have to rip out a whole window and you’ll be getting all new glass. But glaziers are becoming harder to find and it can be a mess to try and replace panes of glass yourself.


The other way to ‘fix’ a failed window seal is to simply replace the whole window.

Chances are that the window seal failed in the first place just due to old age. Replacing the glass panes may work, but what happens when another window seal fails or the old age of the window itself causes a seal to fail once again? If you don’t mind the look of a thermal pane that has failed seals, you can wait a little while before replacing your window completely.

The old age of a window shows its signs in many ways and one way includes air and condensation getting through a worn out window seal. In most cases, you might be better off waiting and then purchase a whole new window (frame and all) so you’ll have all new glass, the latest seal technology, and assurance that you might not have to deal with failed window seals for years to come.”

Repair or replace windows?

- Moisture on panes
- Chipped or faded exteriors
- Difficulty opening and closing
- Selling your home (windows need upgrading sometimes)


Your Mind Is Made Up

Call 303-794-3192 or email us now and we will troubleshoot any issue with your currently installed Andersen products. Our first goal is to successfully service or repair your windows. If we are unable to do so at a reasonable price, then we may look at window replacement. We will come out to your home and diagnose the issue as best we can. If we can’t solve it we will provide options! Whether it is warranty work or a BB gun hole in the glass, we will do our best to help your situation.

At Andersen, we pride ourselves in crafting durable, long-lasting products. That resilience allows us to offer some of the best warranties in the industry. They're even transferable should you sell your home. With our exclusive Owner-to-Owner® limited warranties, you get peace of mind, plus real added value.

Warranty documents, including our exclusive Owner-2-Owner® limited warranty, are provided for Andersen® windows, doors, hardware and other accessories.

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Registering your Andersen windows and doors is simple. All you need is the product type, quantity, and installation date.

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