Andersen® Narroline® Conversion Kits are used to convert your existing Andersen Perma-Shield® Narroline® double-hung window into a convenient 400 Series Tilt-Wash window.
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Beautiful Options:

  • Upgraded hardware options
  • Create a new look or maintain existing style with upgraded performance and features
  • Wide selection of decorative options to complement the look of any home


Easy Upgrade:

  • Components include new sash, balancers, jamb liners, hardware
  • Tilt-wash feature allows you to clean both sides of the glass from inside your home
  • Existing frame and trim are unaffected, so there’s minimal disruption to the home


Increased Energy Efficiency:

  • High-Performance Low-E4 glass® comes standard and is 45% more energy efficient than ordinary dual-pane glass in winter and 56% more energy efficient in summer*
  • The upgraded SmartSun™ glass option meets ENERGY STAR® qualifications in all 50 states
  • Exclusive compressible jamb liner provides a reliable seal between sash and frame



Narroline® double-hung conversion kits are designed specifically to retrofit existing Narroline® windows (1968 and newer), turning them into easy-to-clean tilt-wash double-hung windows with High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass.

Check out our measurement guide sheet to see if you have Andersen Narroline Double Hung windows that can be upgraded!  Click HERE