Connect to Environment

Designers, builders and architects have been increasingly utilizing the concept of biophilic design in the last few years. Biophilic design works to create a strong connection to the natural environment.

In 2021, we will see homeowners begin to prioritize this design style in their spaces through the use of plants (for both beauty and natural air purification) and creating more opportunities for natural light and ventilation, including broader use of large windows with narrow sightlines and folding and sliding doors to create moving walls of glass.

“I’ve worked to bring nature into my home through plants—creating a more inviting, calming and beautiful environment. Part of caring for my plants, includes ensuring there is an abundance of natural light. Large windows and doors increase the amount of natural light and not only help to connect our interior space with the outdoors but work to promote the health of the those living on the inside,” said author and plant and interior stylist Hilton Carter.

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