This video will help you identify the parts of your casement window, determine its handing, operator type. It will also help you identify the year it was manufactured and the type of glass used.

Identifying the Components of your Andersen Casement Window

Andersen Primed Wood Casement (1932-1989)

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This style of window was first introduced in 1932 and were discontinued in 1989. This window was known as the Andersen Master Casement window and it was the first completely assembled window in the industry. Of course glass, hardware, and weatherstrip improvements were made over the years and many of the older hardware items can still be purchased as replacement parts today. This window came primed on the exterior and the paint that was field applied must be maintained.

Andersen Perma-Shield Casement (1966-Present)

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These windows were first introduced in 1966. This product was unique in 1966 and is still unique today. The frame of the window is wood and is covered on the exterior in seamless vinyl. The wood core sash are completely covered with vinyl as well making the exterior of this window maintenance free and protected from the elements. Andersen has made many changes and upgrades to the frame, hardware, weatherstrip, and glass throughout the years.